We count on reliable partnerships with 199 contracted village cheese dairies from around Switzerland. Each region of Switzerland produces different varieties of Swiss-made cheeses.


The official quality mark AOP (Appellation d’Origine Protegée) is reserved for traditional products with long-standing regional origins. Once the Swiss Federal Office of Agriculture registers a protected designation, Emmi and other cheesemakers only use it for products that meet all requirements regarding quality, origin and production. When you buy Emmi cheese from Switzerland you’re not only supporting the livelihood of our farmers, cheesemakers and their families, you help preserve the cheesemaking traditions from centuries past and securing the promise that these cheeses will live on for future generations.


Founded in 1929, Käserei Studer has been run by the same family for three generations. Originally started as an Appenzeller® producer, they converted to a Swiss Specialty creamery in 1999 where they now produce some of our finest cheese varieties.
Käserei Studer uses raw, silo-free milk from more than 50 farmers no more than 10 miles away, with a mix of Jersey, Brown Swiss and Holstein milk. They employee approximately 20 people, five of whom are master cheesemakers. The Käserei plant runs on CO2 neutral wood chip heating. A neighboring construction company shreds natural recycled wood which becomes the basis for an innovative solar energy system—a process that was developed by one of the Studer sons. Energy is then shared by both the cheese plant and the construction company.


Käserei Oberegg is a true family operation. Cheesemaking begins on the ground floor and the in the cellar, with master cheese maker Hans Eberle and his family residing on the second floor above. Here, they produce exclusive specialties such as Der Scharfe Maxx, Füürtüfel and more. Just a few yards down the road, Hans Eberle obtains fresh milk from Holstein and Brown Swiss cows. These cows feed on the natural grasses and clover of the region, which gives Emmi cheese its unique flavor that changes from season to season. From working in his family factory though his extensive apprenticeships, cheese making was the ultimate life choice for Hans.